Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Peacock Spiders!

I know we already did the biology stuff earlier in the semester, but this species I found was too awesome to pass up!
I recently found out about the Peacock Spider. It's an species in the arachnid group that are very small in stature, but giant in charisma! The superpower of the Peacock Spider is in the way they mate. Male Peacock Spiders use the language of dance. I'm totally not kidding. They are not only the choreographers, but they also create their own house music to dance to! It even gets to a point that male Peacock Spiders often compete with other males to see if their dancing is up to par. It's like Step Up but with little spiders. If a male spider's dancing isn't up to the standards of the female, the female will not hesitate to eat the male, but only if their dancing is bad. They're not only dancing for sex, but they're dancing for their lives.
The female spiders are known as the "Tina Belchers" of the animal kingdom. All they need is a cute butt and some good dance moves to get them in the mood.
This is a video of a male spider dancing to the YMCA. It's pretty great.


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