Sunday, December 18, 2016

Going to the zoo my team and I spent a lot of time by the polar bears, watching one in particular swim back and forth with to no end. We later leaned from a trainer there that the polar bears favorite activity is to play around swimming, and that is in fact what they spend most of there time doing in the wild! It is a great way for them to work out and stay active when not looking for food. It was amazing to watch the bear swim back and forth so effortlessly, as heavy as the animal was it traveled between each forceful push with such grace and ease. Every once in awhile it would take a break and rest above water. Eventually the trance watching the bear broke as it stopped swimming which is when we talked to the trainer for awhile then moved on. 

The next spot we spent the remainder of our time was at the monkey exhibit. I began interacting with a monkey, who I managed to entertain enough for him to sit by my sad threw the class for about 15 minutes. We with simple interactions, then eventually I grabbed my phone and looked up “Funny animal videos” then proceeded to press it to the glass the monkey found very entertaining. He would react to what was happening in the videos after waited patiently for 10 minute for the video to finish. 

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