Saturday, October 8, 2016

Unique Species and Their Systems

Pink Fairy Armadillos

This little guy, is the smallest armadillo species in the world. It is covered in very fine, silky white hair. Its hard, outer covering, rich in blood vessels, can blush pink. It's known to live in a dry, sandy swath of Argentina, and spends most its time underground (my biome!!). Pink Fairy Armadillos are so hard to spot, that scientists are trying to decide if it's endangered or not. "Occasionally someone captures one and soon panics about keeping it alive. These rare captives, usually live no more than about eight days." I wonder why they die so soon? Maybe because they aren't in their usual captivity? Mariella Superina, of the CONICET research center in Mendoza, Argentina, found rows of compacted earth discs that look like slumping bread may actually be the work of ancient fairy. 

Dumbo Octopus a.k.a Grimpoteuthis spp

Yes, the Dumbo Octopus, was named after the elephant, Dumbo from the Disney Movie. This octopus is known as the deepest living of all octopus species. Their bodies are semi-translucent, making a "U" or "V"cartilaginous shell or mantle. Flapping, their Dumbo ear-like fins gets them moving with grace. Dumbo eats their prey, whole. Some of the things they eat are copepods, bristle worms, and isopods. The food they consume is found around ocean vent ecosystems. Dumbos have one of the most unusual breading captivities of any marine life. Through females, it is shown their is no breeding season and females can lay eggs continuously. Marvelous creatures. 

Sunda Colugo

The Sunda Colugo can be found in the temperate forests of South East Asia, throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. It can glide for a distance of up to 100m, while losing about 10m of elevation. "According to the Walker's Mammals of the World encyclopedia, one particularly talented individual was recorded gliding over a distance of 136m, which is about nine whole bus lengths." These animals are truly amazing. NINE WHOLE BUS LENGTHS!!!! You may wonder how are these amazing creatures capable of doing this? The key is an enormous flap of leathery skin that runs from its face, to the tips of its fingers, down to the end of its tail. Overall giving it a surface area, to keep itself aloft. It has the greatest surface area that you can have between those limbs, without actually evolving an entire wing like bats do. Truly Amazing.    

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