Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Systems and Species

Red Lipped Batfish
The Red Lipped Batfish is located in the Galapagos Islands. What is interesting about this fish is that it hardly acts like a fish. The species uses fins/limbs that are located in their pectoral and anal areas to crawl along the floor. The Red Lipped Batfish also has a shiny attractive lure to attract prey just like the anglerfish. This species is also classified as a type of anglerfish that had gained interesting features from the galapagos islands. This is a great example of evolution happening before our eyes.

Lowland Streaked Tenrec
The Lowland Streaked Tenrec is located in madagascar. This species is really unique because they have a variety of skills that help them in survival. The Streaked Tenrec can drop their body temperature to nearly that of the surroundings and still remain active. This is to conserve their energy. They also communicate by stridulating which is vibrating and using specialized quills from their mid-dorsal region to create a low-pitched noise. They also create a crunch and putt-putt sound when agitated. This species will also raise the spines around the neck and buck the head violently to attempt to lodge the barbed spines into the attacker as defense.

Mantis Shrimp
The Mantis Shrimp is located in the indian and pacific oceans. What I find really interesting about this species is the 16 receptor cones located in their eyes. Which allows them to detect ten times more color than we as humans can imagine. The Mantis shrimp can also punch its prey with the speed of a bullet. This single punch is strong enough to break through a mollusk or shell instantly.

The Endocrine System
A single hormone is essentially a chemical signal that is secreted into the circulatory system. This communicates regulatory messages inside of us. We  have two systems of internal communication. The nervous system and the endocrine system which work together to keep us alive. The jobs of the endocrine system are incredibly essential to our well being mentally and physically. Sexual development and growth as well as stress and hormonal levels are also tackled by the endocrine system. For my project I’d really like to study this system and the hormones that make up our emotions or the psychological aspects of biology and incorporate that into my ideas. The endocrine system is an incredible way to look at the emotions in a biological aspect. I believe studying this can open new and bigger ideas to this project.

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