Monday, October 10, 2016

Real Superpowers.

Indonesian Mimic Octopus- (Thaumoctopus mimicus) Can change its shape and behavior in an instant. Changes color, shape to imitate other animals like poisonous sole fish, lion fish, sea snakes, and others like jelly fish, sand anemones, mantis shrimp, or sting rays. Not to mention they are still masters of camouflage and slipping through tight spots. Can be found in estuaries and muddy river bottoms. SUPERPOWER is invisibility and shapeshifting.

Hairy Frog (Horror Frog)(Wolverine Frog)- (Trichobatrachus robustus) Has the ability to break its bones into sharp points and protrude them through its skin in order to shank attacking predators. It does this by tensing muscles in its toes. It is thought that bones slip back in when muscles are relaxed to heal over. It looks like something in a horror film. Found in Cameroon and the Congo. It also has skin that looks like hair but is actually filled with arteries for getting oxygen from the water.  SUPERPOWER is super to be super creepy looking and Wolverine powers.

Immortal Jellyfish- Ability to revert back to a former self. It can transform cells and basically start its lifecycle over. From late in its lifecycle it regenerates back into a polyp and eventually grows to adulthood again. Essentially living forever. Unless it is eaten or damaged in some way. Scientists are looking for a way to apply it to humans. Good idea? I don’t know.
SUPERPOWER is immortality.

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