Friday, October 14, 2016

Dani's Zoo observations

Como Zoo Observation • 20 Sept 2016

My biome is estuaries, guessing I probably won’t see an exhibit at the Como Zoo

Overall Zoo Observations
·      Step-stools in restroom for kids (don’t see that in public spaces often)
·      No lids/straws were available in the café (cashier lady said they end up in the exhibits and are harmful to the animals – however I did see others with lids/straws throughout the zoo …)

Observation spot
·      I’m drawn to moving water, found a fountain area in the conservatory with a bench

·      I was focused on the people who went by and recorded what they said …
o   Is this your secret spot? Are we welcome?               (few minutes later) whispered “Enjoy”
o   Oh look! They have papaya!
o   You sat in a wet spot (mom to toddler); Ok. I guess that’s alright.
o   It’s really beautiful here.
o   Oh! They have koi fish!
o   (footsteps) You guys – it’s wet.
o   There’s a tamarind tree! It’s neat to see one.       “The tree of life” (reading sign)
o   Group of 4 chatting in foreign tongue – not sure what they said but looked content, peaceful
·      No one stayed too long – 5 minutes each

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