Monday, October 10, 2016

Bees, and lyrebirds, and sea cucumbers. Oh, my!

Bees are incredibly sensitive to electricity. They can sense the geomagnetic field of earth.  Bees can tell when a storm is coming and when they need to head back to their hives for safety. This sensitivity also helps them a ton when it comes to food and keeping their hive healthy. They are drawn to pollen rich flowers, which they gather on their bodies that have been specially designed for just this. 


Sea Cucumbers can get themselves out of nearly any situation. When threatened or in need of escape, they basically melt in to a sea cucumber puddle (tasty, right?). They are able to squeeze themselves into almost any place. 


Lyrebirds can mimic any sound they hear, natural or artificial. Thats great for them when it comes to hunting. They are able to lure in certain critters. Their call plays a large role in their mating process. 


"Man is a system that indicates the state of the system through behaviors"

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