Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ability: The all-seeing eyes!


Famously known for their ability to camouflage, these guys in disguises are also housing some incredible eyes. Both eyes can move independently from each other. This allows them to scan their surrounding throughly, giving them a full 360 degree field of vision! These guys are able to see critters several meters out and they're also able to see ultraviolet light.

The Dragonfly eyes are extremely sensitive to movement. This sensitivity allow the Dragonfly to make super quick discovery for any potential prey or predator. The Dragonfly eyes are made up of 30,000 visual units called ommatidia! Each unit of ommatidia contains lens and series of light sensitive cells that allow them superior sight and detection for colors and polarized light.

Mantis Shrimp:
Like the Dragonfly, the Mantis Shrimp have compound eyes but they have about 10,000 ommatidia units per eye instead of the Dragonfly's 30,000. Unlike the Dragonfly, each eye serves a particular function for the Mantis Shrimp sight. All information is processed individually by each eyes instead of the brain.

Imagine combining the abilities of all these fantastic species into one product; the smart auto glass for your car.

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