Thursday, September 22, 2016

Zebra Observation

As I was watching the Zebras, the biggest thing that appealed me to them were their strips. I noticed that they have a black strip that starts at the tip of their nose, down their spines, to the end of their tails. The zebras didn't do much, but eat endless amounts of grass and walk around. Whenever the mother moved, the baby followed and at times I would catch the baby nuzzling the mother's side with its head (Like an animal hug). Overall, zebras are very calming animals, and don't make much noise. So precious! Such beautiful creatures. 

When Observing, I noticed that the Zebras were wagging their tails. This made me wonder if they wag their tails when their happy like dogs do?

After doing some research, turns out they use their tails as a swatter to swat at the pests that bite them. 

QUESTION: Do you guys think zebras are white with black strips or black with white strips?


  1. Definitely white with black stripes!

  2. I can't recall how do zebra's stripes help them again?

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