Monday, September 26, 2016

The Monkey Exhibit

We observed the Orangutans and it was a surprising moment. One starting coming towards the window to take a nap in the well-made grass and/or hay. Seconds after, a baby Orangutan came to kiss the one lying down, possibly it's mother. But we weren't sure. That was going on for minutes and it was such a precious and playful moment of bonding. Sadly,  I didn't get it on video because we were all so into it. More people came to where we were and saw what was happening. Everyone was in, "ahhh," amazed at the cuteness going on. I was able to capture the baby swinging on the rope back and forth. It was trying to get to another Orangutan who was sitting in the tree with food. Once it made to the tree, the baby started to eat out of the hands of the other Orangutan, who then carried the baby in its arms,  down below to the lower floor. We weren't able to identify what family member was who, but the first could've been its mother and second, an aunt figure.  It was an interesting experience.

   (swinging on rope)

Each one of them were occupied and didn't look so sad, like some of the animals we saw. They were lively and playful. The monkey exhibits were probably one of the most engaging and fun while our time at the zoo.

    (playing tag)

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