Saturday, September 3, 2016

Symbiotic Relationship: Aquaponics

Recently I went to the pet store and got myself a beta (I named him River) and since, have been very interested in Aquaponics. After I did a little research I went back to the store and got a small aquaponic for River to spend  his days in.  In my research, I discovered than an Aquaponic is a self sustaining farming system that integrates traditional aquaculture with hydroponics. In this environment, both life forms are greatly benefitting from one another, making this a mutualistic symbiotic relationship. The fish creates waste, that if left in the aquarium could become toxic to the fish, but instead the plants on top soak up the toxins and use it as nourishment, then return fresh, oxygen rich water to the fish.

This is River and I. 


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