Monday, September 26, 2016

Solo Zoo Trip to the Conservatory

For my Zoo trip I had to go on my own, since I was unable to attend with the class last Tuesday. Now I’ve been to the Como Zoo countless times throughout my life, and even went this summer with some friends, but this solo adventure turned out to be a great one.

Now while I think all the animals are super cool (Especially the penguins and the seals, they’re literally the cutest….) I spent most of my time in the Conservatory with the plants. We were vibing.

It’s crazy how many different species they can fit into one space, and how they manage to maintain them all so well, I’m sure that’s no easy task. I was really interested in how they decided what plants would be easy to place next to each other, and how they transition them from one type to the other. As well as how they get the whole space to seem so cohesive. Its really an amazing area of Como, and I also seem to get lost in it…

While my biome (the wetlands)  isn’t quite as visually stunning...this area reminded me a lot of it. It’s all these living things, working together, synthesizing, soaking in those sun rays and producing oxygen and just existing for the benefit of all the other living things around it. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

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