Monday, September 26, 2016

Observing The Conservatory

I spent the majority of my day at the zoo in The Conservatory. I moved from bench to bench swooning at blooms and foliage. While there I notice that not many people were too interested in any individual plants or took much time to observe. Most everybody wanted to see as much of the zoo and conservatory as they could. Except for one older gentleman who sat on a bench near mine. I studied him studying the life around him. We sat side by side on our separate benches taking in all the environment had to offer. I grew a great respect for that man.

I talked with several zoo employees during my visit. The woman in The Sunken Garden told me all about how there are three or four gardeners at a time working together to plan the shows for the exhibit. These gardeners use their knowledge of the plants and amazing design sense to create these beautiful gardens. It made me think about The Entrepreneurial Studies Program and made me so excited to see these things coming together.
I gained so much inspiration by forcing myself to be in one spot actively observing. This is something that i am working to implement into my life every few days to take a break to refresh. 

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