Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hawaiian Bobtail Squid & Chemiluminescent Bacteria

The bobtail squid is a fascinating example of symbiosis. When fish are swimming at night they appear to be a shadow to the predators beneath them because of the moon shining through the water. This squid though is able to not cast any shadow due to glowing bacteria (chemiluminescent bacteria) in its stomach. Not only does the squid's bacteria glow, but the squid can also adjust the strength of the glow to match the light coming from the moon. This glowing bacteria comes directly from the light organ that is inside of the squid's stomach. It's an interesting relationship that the squid has with the bacteria; if the squid feeds the bacteria, the bacteria will repay by making the squid invisible during the dark hours. It's actually an awesome friendship that these two have.

Hawaiian Bobtail Squid:

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