Tuesday, September 27, 2016


This is Neil, the largest Polar Bear at the Como Zoo.
We were able to catch Neil doing his favorite thing - swimming!  You might notice I had my hand on the glass- the water was kept at a cool 65 degrees. Though I was sad to see such a majestic creature in an enclosure, we interviewed the zoo keepers and learned that he had been bred in captivity, and was very healthy and happy. He is also given LOTS of toys to keep him busy, good meat in the winter, and a place to go when he is tired of the spotlight. He also has other bears to socialize with. He is kept fairly thin in the summer to keep his normal 4" blubber layer down so that he can stay cool and comfortable, but he's allowed to fatten up for our harsh Minnesota winters.
This was my favorite part of the zoo.

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  1. I saw the polar bear too and he did constant backstrokes. It was really cool to see but also sad at the same time. Is the space too small for them? Or do they actually like the tight intimate space? We also saw a polar bear go into the back, which I heard is the space to take off stress.