Monday, October 5, 2015

Three Organisms and a System

Arctic Fox

  • hardy animal -- survives in 58 degrees fahrenheit
  • live in burrows -- protects from blizzards
  • their coat changes colour with the season
  • they eat veggies too!

Arctic Moss

  • gets very little sunlight
  • lives on the bottom of tundra lakes
  • doesn't have real roots
  • the slowest growing longest living freshwater macrophyte ever recorded!

Snow Leopard

  • uses its tail to balance when walking (when not, the tail curls around them like a blanket)
  • can pounce up to 20 feet
  • a solitary animal
  • enlarged naval cavities help them breathe

Library Circulation System

  • the circulation desk = point of charging out library materials
  • bookstacks (closed or open) = where materials are housed
  • circulation records section = clerical routines 
The library circulation system is how books are barcoded, processed, shelved, checked out and returned. The ideal system is easy to use, is quick, reduces cost and allows libraries to do other work. The system must answer some basic questions: Who has what item? When is each item due? How many items were checked out? The different categories of information collected include: Patron Information, Material Information, Loan Information, Collection Management Information, Statistical Information. 


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