Monday, October 5, 2015

Three Creatures and a System!

Pit Vipers

-See in infrared!
-Has chambers connected by tubes and controlled by muscles that allow it to control air pressure on both sides of it's membrane!
-Can contract a muscle and shoot venom from glands!

Pink Dragon Millipede (Desmoxytes purpurosea)
-Largest in its genus! (1.2 in)
-Shoots cyanide that it producers at predators!
-Hot pink!

Honey Badger
-They're like skunks in that they have a gland that can shoot stinky liquid to mark territory or ward off predators.
-Their claws allow them to dig a hole larger than themselves in mere minutes.
-They have an incredibly thick (rubbery skin) making them immune to bee stings, snake venom, and even the occasional spear.
-Their teeth are powerful enough to bite through a turtle's shell.

The Feudal System
The infamous pyramid-style feudal system worked as a hierarchy with the king at the top holding all the power and the much larger, peasant class scraping by at the bottom. This system worked for such a long time because of the apparent quid pro quo mechanisms. The Kind provided the lords with peasants and land so they aided him and kept him in power, the lords provided the knights with status food and shelter, so they gave them military rule, and the peasant were left with little choice at the bottom and simply paid the rent and worked the land in exchange for food and protection. This system's downfall, though, was in the uneven distribution. The King was so far better off than the serf class, which held the majority, that it simply would not be allowed. Since their numbers were far greater than the numbers of the elite, a coup was possible. The failure of the feudal system is exactly why many countries attempted to move towards a more democratic ruling, which America eventually became the model for.

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