Monday, October 5, 2015

3 Creatures & 1 System

1. Jellyfish

1. Jelly fishes existed before dinosaurs. 
2. Mainly made out of water and protein.
3. Jelly fishes live less than one year.
4. They can clone themselves!
5. & Jelly fishes don't have brains.

2. Clownfish

1. Very aggressive fish. 
2. Mostly stays in warm seas.
3. All clownfishes are born male and when a majority group of female dies, males can convert themselves into females.
4. Can live up to 10 years.
5. Makes up over 40% of the global marine ornamental stage.

3. Sea Turtle

1. Lived on the Earth for more than 220 million years.
2. Temperature determines the gender of baby sea turtles.
3. Sea turtles have lungs and needs to breath atmospheric air.
4. They can hear vibrations and has excellent eye sight and sense of smell.
5. Can live for 70-80 years.



1. Formed about 4.6 billion years ago.
2. 99.86% of the systems mass is found in the sun, 0.14% is found in the other 8 planets.
3. Jupiter has the biggest ocean of any planet.
4. Pluto is smaller than the USA
5. The hottest planet isn't closest to the sun. 


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