Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Zoo Observations

People in the Zoo

I've always loved going to the zoo. What I loved about the Como Zoo was the emphasis on plant life. The wide expanse of flora really allowed visitors to see the diversity. It was amazing to explore the plants and see the variety of colour among them. It made me wonder why each of the colours were necessary adaptations to each plant. However, as excited as I was to explore the zoo and see the animals and plants, I really wanted to see the interaction of people with the exhibits. What I noticed was that people seemed to only be interested in documenting their visit. I've noticed the same thing at museums. Peoples priority seems to be taking as many photos of something cool as they can, snapping a bunch of selfies and making sure they have good snapchat coverage. I'm not going to lie, I got in the van and immediately started searching for the perfect instagram photo. I wonder if there is some way to incorporate this into the zoo experience. Unfortunately, some of the animals were far away, making zooming in with a camera the only way to see them up close. It's always great to have be able to see the animals up close, even if it is through a lens. 
-Eleni Leventopoulos

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  1. It is interesting that you called out the documentation of the trip for many people, something I had not even thought of, but is so true to museums and zoos today! This would be a perfect opportunity for designing our own zoos; to incorporate what each visitor is already doing into the experience. Love the observations!