Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Egyptian Plover birds are native Egypt which means the Nile river crocodiles( Second largest in the world) benefit from the birds’ generosity.

Out of all things that a crocodile would let survive near its mouth, a tiny bird would have been my last guess.  This small bird is known as the Egyptian Plover bird.  This brave bird cleans the meat scraps of the jaws of crocodiles getting a full meal in the process.  They have similar qualities that may also come as a surprise.  Both of these creatures live in small groups near and around the water.  It is common for food to be stuck in the mouth of a creature that tends to swallow prey bigger than itself whole.  This process starts with the regular occurrence of a crocodile sunbathing with its jaw open.  The bird notices food scraps, cleans it out, and both proceed with their day.

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