Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Day @ the Zoo

I have been to the Como Zoo many times, each time providing a new and exciting experience.This visit was interesting in that we were able to view the exhibits and animals through the lens of our biome and those of the partners we will be working with to create a zoo. 

I spent most of my time analyzing the animals specific to my biome, to better understand their living environments within the zoo and how they interact with other animals, the climate, and external visitors. Luckily, the giraffe is one such animal found in my biome, meaning I was able to spent a lot of time with the newest baby of the enclosure! I found most animals were outside with the nice weather we were fortunate to have. It was also interesting to me why they paired certain animals with each other and how they went about that pairing process. For example, the giraffe and the ostrich were in the same exhibit, as well as the zebra and kudu. I would be interested in learning more about this. 

I was disappointed the wolves were not out, or they were not visible, as well as many of the lions. The other biomes in my group are tropical rainforest and benthic zone, which are both a little difficult to experience at the Como Zoo. One thing I did spend a lot of time in was the Polar Bear Odyssey. This is always one of my favorite attractions, but in the same breath, one of the most depressing. Unfortunately, it seems the polar bears do not have much room to swim and move around, as the enclosure is quite small given their size. Each time I have visited, the polar bear is doing the same laps from one rock to another. 

To me, a zoo should be mainly informative for the viewer. The Como Zoo does do well at this, but as we mentioned in class, eager and upbeat workers are key to making this happen. Overall, this experience has allowed me to formulate a do and don't list for my own zoo between the three different biomes!

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  1. I like your point about animals be paired in the same exhibit with one another, it makes me wonder about creating an entire habitat for animals of the same biome to live in together, similar to how you would find an entire ecosystem living together in the wild. I feel like this could provide a more in depth view of how the animals really live if they were to be found in the wild.