Monday, September 21, 2015

A day at the zoo:
Como zoo is different from other zoos I have ever visited, I feel like the first part of como (the gardens) had a lot to offer. Observational wise, it was very relaxing to walk around them and see how the climate made a difference. Also the variety of different creatures that made them selves at "home" just fascinates me. I didn't find much reference to the chaparral biome but I was looking out for my other teams, the urban life and the choral reef. There wasn't much of coral reef, but with the Urban Biome there was so much to see, considering the zoo itself was man made and as you can see in one of the pictures a plastic spoon on the floor a squirrel was trying to grab it.
I definitely enjoyed going to the zoo and learning hands on observing the different ecosystems. 


  1. I like your note about walking around and feeling the different climates. This is a perfect example of the "touch" aspect of an exhibit, helping to make the zoo goer get more out of the experience than just seeing.

  2. I like that you noted the interaction between man-made objects and the animals in their natural habitat. This is pertinent to all of our biomes, in that there will always be outside aspects that change the nature of the biome. But what if in our zoos, we eliminated this problem to maintain authenticity? Thanks for sharing Maria!