Sunday, August 30, 2015

Symbiotic Relationship: Obligate Mutualistic Bees & pollen

Obligate Mutualistic is an organism that needs one another. Without the other, both organism won't survive. An example of this would be a bee and pollen. Bees need pollen to survive that how they get their nutrition as well with plants.  "The plant receives courier service: pollinators deliver pollen (male) directly to the female parts of the flower. without the deliverer (pollinators) many insect pollinated plants would be extinct(bees.techno-science". This is a good example of how some organisms need one another to where they provide each other important need for Nature. Plants need pollination for it to reproduce so when an organism (bee) does it's thing the "fertilization happens so a fruit, and a seed can develop(bees.techno-science". This is something cool to learn about. I hate bees. They scare me but knowing it helps nature, and creates beautiful flowers to blossom their not so bad.


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