Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Symbiotic Relationship: Mutualism

The Mutualistic Relationship between Dog and Human

Mutualism is a symbiosis that is beneficial to both organism involved. I found that a dog and a human was the most easiest to relate to because it's very common to see in our communities that dogs are accepted into families and most of the time, they're loved by everyone. For some people, the purpose of having a dog is being able to protect or be the house watcher when family members are gone.
Dogs are known to be loyal and clever, they understand when their owner is in need and they are cautious about their environment when needed. But there happens to be a fine line between being protective and aggressive. Which leads owners to specially train their dogs on how to act in appropriate situations. This is beneficial to the family because they will feel more secure in their neighborhoods and also, it's like having another family member! As for the dog, the dog receives food and shelter for just being a well trained dog. Although it's already their first instinct to act when they feel that their owner is in danger but it does take a lot of self discipline to handle the situation in the right way. Having this relationship benefits both human and dog because it builds trust between the two and both are able to feel comfortable in their own homes. 


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