Friday, November 21, 2014

Rachel's Species

Brandy Brandy Snake


Adaptation- The alternating color pattern of black and white rings can play tricks on the eyes of potential predators, making it difficult to see which direction the snake is going, and which is the head or tail end. This confusing trick is called 'flicker fusion'.

Bandy-bandys are nocturnal and are sometimes seen on the road at night especially after rain.

Habitat- in sub-terranean (underground) habitats.

Diet-Bandy-bandys are believed to live exclusively on a group of snakes called blind snakes. They can swallow prey almost as large as their own body.

Extra Fun Facts
·      Bandy-bandys belong to the same family as Australia's deadliest snakes. They have venom glands, however they produce very little venom and are unlikely to bite humans.
·       The bandy-bandy has a small head and eyes and a slender, cylindrical body. To frighten off enemies the bandy-bandy raises a few coils of its body vertically, presenting an unusual silhouette.


  • They live or spend their days mainly on trees. They only come down if it is time for them to urinate or defecate, which only happens once a week.
  •   They are vulnerable to predation because they urinate and defecate at the same spot each time. This is because the tree is their source of nutrition and so they are fertilizing it.
  • The average speed of a sloth is 2 meters per minute along the ground, while through trees it is slightly faster, 3 meters per minute. They move faster when they are in danger from a predator, but at 4 meters per minute, it is unlikely that they can outrun a jaguar and so they go into a defense mode, which consists of biting, slashing, and shrieking.
  • Algae grow on their fur which makes them the only green mammals though the color isn’t their own. This algae provides a camouflage for them to avoid predators. However, aside from algae, a host of other non-parasitic insects can sometimes live on their fur, like cockroaches and beetles.


·      Though they cannot fly, ostriches are fleet, strong runners. They can sprint up to 43 miles an hour and run over distance at 31 miles an hour.
·      The flightless ostrich is the world's largest bird. They roam African savanna and desert lands and get most of their water from the plants they eat.
·      Ostrich kicks can kill a human or a potential predator like a lion. Each two-toed foot has a long, sharp claw.
·      Contrary to popular belief, ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand. The old saw probably originates with one of the bird's defensive behaviors. At the approach of trouble, ostriches will lie low and press their long necks to the ground in an attempt to become less visible. Their plumage blends well with sandy soil and, from a distance, gives the appearance that they have buried their heads in the sand.
·      The ostrich has the largest eye of any land animal. Its eye measures almost 2 in (5 cm) across.

Fashion System

  •        The fashion industry forms part of a larger social and cultural phenomenon known as the “fashion system,” a concept that embraces not only the business of fashion but also the art and craft of fashion, and not only production but also consumption. 
  •   The fashion system involves all the factors that are involved in the entire process of fashion change. Some factors are intrinsic to fashion, which involves variation for the sake of novelty (e.g., when hemlines have been low for a while, they will rise).
o   Other factors are external (e.g., major historical events such as wars, revolutions, economic booms or busts, and the feminist movement).
o   Individual trendsetters (e.g., Madonna and Diana, princess of Wales) also play a role,
o   Changes in lifestyle (e.g., new sports such as skateboarding)
o   Music  (e.g., rock and roll, hip-hop). 
  •   Fashion is a complex social phenomenon, involving sometimes conflicting motives, such as creating an individual identity and being part of a group, emulating fashion leaders and rebelling against conformity. The fashion industry thrives by being diverse and flexible enough to gratify any consumer’s desire to embrace or even to reject fashionability

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