Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kangaroos, Corpses, Ghosts, Chaos

Kangaroo Mouse

Besides being adorable, the kangaroo mouse is one of the only two jumping species of mice that use two legs for walking, instead of all fours-like us humans. There are two types, the dark kangaroo mouse and the pale kangaroo mouse. They are tiny rodents, to be about 3 inches in size. Like kangaroos, these mice use their tails for balance as they hop through deserts in North America. Like squirrels they carry food in their checks for storage to burrow their food to save. They jump around during the night and the these animals minimize their water usage by producing concentrated urine and dry feces and obtain water from seeds and insects. As well these cute little guys dead sleep all during the winter to hibernate when it becomes too cold.

Dark Kangaroo Mouse (Microdipodops megacephalus)-
Pale Kangaroo Mouse (M. pallidus)-

Corpse Flower

An Amorphophallus titanum is what we call a "Corpse Flower." This plant does not grow specifically in cemeteries or at grave sites. This species received its name because of its putrid smell. This plant literally smells like rotting flesh. This would not be an ideal type of flower to give to your loved one on Valentine's Day. The smell the flower produces is to attract insects such as flies (because they prefer to lay their eggs in dead flesh) that have pollen on themselves to essentially pollinate the flower.  Luckily, the smell on permeates for at most, two days, before the flower closes back up. This flower is no daisy, were in size before the flower blooms it can stand to be 12 feet tall, and when bloomed, can have a diameter up to four feet, being the largest, unbranched flower. It can only be found in Sumatra Indonesia. These plants do not bloom often, but can live for 40 years.

Ghost Flower

Boo! This flower haunts in the deserts of North America. This white and transparent plant has one, single flower that droops at the end of the stem, that of which is not green, but white as well. This flower has the appears as a fungi, however it is truly a flower. When the flower is fertilized, the plant turns slightly pink. This flower is also nicknamed Indian Pipe because as the flower matures, it straightens vertically.

Chaos Theory System

"Chaos is the science of surprises, of the nonlinear and the unpredictable." (

Chaos Theory stems from the quote "expect the unexpected." Chaos Theory works on ideas and events that do not hone a specific pattern and theories that cannot be predicted or controlled- a good example of this would be predicting the weather. 

"These phenomena are often described by fractal mathematics, which captures the infinite complexity of nature" (
The Chaos Theory details how a small change can lead to a radical change in the future. Basically how Chaos Theory works as a system is understanding how what areas or events are unpredictable, and not being able to predict it, but being able to understand what is unpredictable and noting feedback and learning from it.

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