Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fly Away

So weirdly enough I chose three species that fly, and one system that literally does not (waka waka).


Bats are the only mammals that are truly capable of flight and primarily eat smaller mammals and insects (frogs, lizards, mosquitoes) and are primarily harmless to man. More amazingly bats can fly up to 30mph in pure darkness using there echoes as a radar.

Honey Bees

Different (and much smaller) than Bats, the Bee has a very distinctive structor and role to how the colony behaves. Most (if not all) the Bee’s that you and I see tend to be “Worker Bees” and are Female, they are tasked with protecting the hive and forging for food while the queen lays her eggs. Also in the winter months, the colony survives on pollen and honey that they stored up for the winter.


Ah the dragonfly (not the Opera dev tools), the Japanese Samurai used the dragonfly as a symbol of victory (among other things). The dragonfly is also very territorial and aggressive with other dragonflies, as well as being amazingly adaptable with to fly from over 40mph to hovering like a helicopter.

Public Transportation System

Coming out of Nantes, France in 1826, the public transportation system is something that has never really worked well in the U.S., versus Europe with the best public transportation. Most of us think of busing as the main face of public transportation, and while that is true, other forms also include air, train, and ship.

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