Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Sea Anemone and the Hermit Crab

The Sea Anemone and the Hermit Crab 
Symbiotic Relationship

The sea anemone and the hermit crab have symbiotic relationship. Meaning that they can coexist in harmony.  In this unusual connection, both of the organisms are not at harm. They can use the situation in their favor. As a matter of fact the sea anemone uses the hermit crabs mobility to capture more prey such as plankton and small fish.  In the other hand the hermit crab uses the sea anemone for protection from large predators. When there is a feeling of danger the anemone extends his stinging tentacles over the crab and dwells of large fish. In this case, a crab with a sea anemone hitchhiking on his back is less likely to be eaten and killed.
In the animal world food is an important factor to all species. The relationship between these two animals makes it easier. It creates a decent food supply for the anemone. It eats practically anything in the sea. In that case the hermit crab will capture dinner and the anemone will eat any leftovers the crab leaves.

            The crab fends of creatures that eat anemones and the anemone returns the favor.


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