Thursday, September 4, 2014

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The Sponge Crab and the Sponge

The crafty Decorator or Sponge Crab has found an ingenious way to protect itself from the treachery of the coral reef. Instead of a shell this guy has chosen a clipping of toxic Sea Sponge to cover it ‘s backside. The sponge offers not only fashionable camouflage while walking about the reef, but releases toxins to deter predators as well. The Sea Sponges have developed the repelling toxins in the never ending battle for living space on the reef. Thus by living on top of a crab the sponges have overcome the predicament of real estate. Both species also get access to food out of this relationship as well. The crab feeds on algae that grows around the sponge while the sponge is exposed to more feeding opportunities as it takes a ride around the neighborhood. The coral reef is overcrowded, with predators at practically every turn, the symbiotic relationship the Sponge crab has formed with the Sea Sponge keeps diversity strong on the reef.

Watch this stylish fellow in the Bahamas, very hansome 


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