Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Olive Baboon and The Elephant

This story of one unique mutualistic relationship is in the heart of Africa. The Olive Baboon and Elephant share a relationship out of sheer necessity. The Elephant is a very resourceful and clever mammal, it often uses its trunk to dig its own well to find clean drinking water when others cannot. The Olive Baboon on the other hand is very agile, quick, small, and can climb to high places where the elephant would never even attempt.

The way these two benefit from one another is a simple exchange, but a very crucial one at that. The elephant invites the baboon over for some evening drinks in the well of water. In exchange, the baboon uses its agility, keen eyesight, and natural habitat to warn the elephant when danger may be nearing the area of the elephant. This is very important because the baboon needs water to survive and the elephant has a fighting chance to evade its predators with the baboons advanced warning.

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