Friday, September 5, 2014

The human and the dog

Dogs and Humans
In a mutualistic symbiotic relationship, both entities benefit from the relationship. One example of this is the relationship between dogs and humans. Prior to the domestication of dogs, humans hunted them and were afraid of them. However, they came to develop a symbiotic relationship. The dogs would act as an alarm system for the humans and were irreplaceable aids in hunting. Now, humans domesticate dogs and both depend on the other. The humans provide the dogs with food and shelter and the dogs provide the humans with companionship and protection.
         Today, the relationship that humans have for their dogs is a very emotional one. In a study by John Archer, it was found that about 40% of dog owners viewed their dog as a part of their family. Dogs also have an amazing ability to sense human’s emotions and detect what we will do. This can be seen in any situation from the preparation of their meal or the preparation for a walk. Dogs and humans have a remarkable relationship, one that is filled with love and protection from each other and for each other.

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