Saturday, September 6, 2014

the fierce African crocodile and the small blackbird plover

An symbiosis example is the relationship between the fierce African crocodile and the small blackbird plover.  Once mention about crocodile, people might think that they are really ferocious animals, but in here the crocodile is a really good friend with this tiny and cute bird. Also, the symbiosis relationship between them is mutualism.
As it happens, this tiny bird helps the crocodile by removing tiny morsels of food from in between the crocodile’s teeth. And what does the bird do with the food thus picked? Eat them. This two-way symbiotic relationship has resulted in a special bond between one of the fiercest creatures and a tiny little one. 

Meanwhile, the small blackbird plover is also the safety guard of crocodile. Why we say this is because this kind of bird has really strong sense of observing the changing of environment. Once the “enemy” come the crocodile, the small blackbirds plover flying away to different corners. Thus, unresponsive crocodile will suddenly wake up and quickly dive into the water to escape the enemy. 
                                                                                                      Let us look at the plover bird closely 
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