Monday, September 8, 2014

Pistol Shrimp and Gobi Fish

                            The Pistol Shrimp and Gobi Fish, What a match made in heaven!
These two partners exhibit what is called a Mutualistic relationship. A mutualistic relationship as i'm sure many of you have found from your research is when two members of different species lend eachother a hand to mutually benefit. This Exchange of services is what allows the Gobi and Pistol to stay ahead in the game of life.

Pistol Shrimp choose to make their homes by burrowing in to gravel , mud or sand- unfortunately they tend to choose areas with little cover such as reef. Whats even worse is that these little guys have exceptionally poor eyesight- this makes them easy pickings for predators. That is where the Gobi fish comes in. Gobis get to use the lovely burrow made by the Shrimp as protection from the many existing predators. In return the fish acts as the shrimps eyes. This is done by the Pistol keeping in constant contact with the fishes tail. If a predator is near the Gobi flicks its tail- signaling the Pistol. The pistol is alerted to retreat into the burrow, and if the predator approaches the Gobi retreats into the burrow with the Shrimp. This way both live to see another day.

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