Saturday, September 6, 2014

Freaky Friendships On The Bottom Of The Sea

       In nature every creature is for itself. The fittest survive, while others… Well, others simply don’t. Nevertheless, there are creatures who figured out that if they stick together, they have a better chance surviving in our dangerous and complicated world.
       Some creatures have found loopholes for surviving in the laws of nature. One of those loopholes has a name – symbiosis. Symbiosis is when two or more species coexist together while, in most of the cases, both of them get benefit from this relationship. In the world of humans we call it “friendship”, because we also tend to choose people who would be beneficial to us in one way or the other.
       A little Goby fish and a Pistol shrimp have one of those symbiotic friendships. In their relationship both benefit from each other. The Pistol shrimp is blind and like all friends do, the stronger one takes care of the weaker. If there is a predator nearby, Goby always warns its little blind friend by flicking its tail, so that the shrimp can hide. The Pistol hides in the burrow that it builds for itself and for the Goby fish to live in.
       Another symbiotic friendship exists between Hermit crabs and sea Anemones. That strange pair of sea creatures likes to get freaky. While still young and fresh Hermits like to pick up young anemones and once they attach, they stay together till the day they die and go to fish heaven. Whereas with the example of Goby and Pistol symbiosis, both species benefited from the relationship, the Hermit crab and Anemone relationship is only a one way relationship. Hermits use Anemones for protection from predators. Anemone attaches on Hermit’s shell, which makes the crab less likely to be eaten. However, Anemones do get a little something in return. Without the crab Anemones can hardly move, but with a Hermit, Anemone becomes as fast and furious as the crab itself.
       Humans are not the only species that figured out that sticking together (creating communities, making connections, etc.) is the best way to exist, because all of us have different talents and skills, and by using them we can help one another. Even on the bottom of the sea we can see how various species form friendships, or symbiotic relationships, that make their lives easier. While the fittest survive, but the smartest thrive.

Hermit and Anemone 
Goby and Pistol


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