Monday, September 2, 2013


I had to make another post because after I made my original one, I remembered my absolute favorite thing from nature and it's a parasite called Cordyceps. Cordyceps is a fungus and when it finds a host, it basically zombifies them, beginning by replacing all the tissue within the host's body with its own. After it has literally became the host, it attacks the brain stem, completely killing what was left of the animal's brain function, and takes over by walking the body to an ideal breeding ground for the parasite and leaving it their.

This is a tarantula that was infected. The Cordyceps has used the host as a vessel and began to grow.


  1. Wow - so is this growth after death like a fungus, or growth during life like a cancer - or is this both??

  2. Technically both! The growth afterward is just the fungus, feeding off the decomposing remains, while in life the fungus completely changes the DNA of the host's tissue.

  3. Awesome! so what i'm asking everyone today is "how do you think this relationship evolved?"