Thursday, August 29, 2013

Emerald wasp

Sometimes I have a really bad case of curiosity for extremely awkward and weird subjects (so sorry). While doing my research I discovered a peculiar branch of parasitism, endoparasitoid. Which basically means that certain types of insects don't like to raise their own kids and end up making another insect to do ALL the work. The Emerald Wasp is one of these insects while making cockroaches do their work for them, though against their will. The wasp actually turns roaches into a "zombie" with a particular type of venom and then literally barricades it into a burrow so the larvae can grow up and do the exact same thing. One thing that i found particularly interesting was the fact that the larvae can actually sanitize the roach with a blend of antimicrobials it can secrete on its own. I EVEN FOUND A VIDEO OF IT ALL, you know you want to watch it!


  1. Ever wonder what the "benefit" of wasps are? are they really insects or more like parasites like ticks? what do you think? evidence: so tell me why we "love" a wasp"

  2. black widow ve. wasp

  3. Because of its evolution, having its survival hardwired into them!