Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goby Fish and Snapping Shrimp Workin' as a Team

"Snapping Shrimps of the Alpheus shrimp, family are great diggers, and constantly create and maintain burrows in the sea beds sand using its large claws. However the shrimp have really poor eye-sight and being almost blind, cannot spot their predators until it’s too late. The Goby fish  (Gobies in the genus  Amblyeleotris, Cryptocentrus, Ctenogobiops, Istigobius, and Stonogobiops) on the other hand are small vigilant fish that form a symbiotic relationship with the shrimp and act as the shrimp’s watchman against predators, in exchange for shelter in the shrimp’s burrow." ( http://aquaviews.net/explore-the-blue/the-fascinating-symbiotic-relationship-between-gobies-and-shrimp/# )


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