Friday, August 31, 2012

Deep Sea Sponge, Shrimp & Bioluminescent Bacteria

The relationships between the deep sea sponge and shrimp and bioluminescent bacteria are fascinating. The deep sea sponge lives on the ocean floor and grows into a skeleton made of glass. At the sponge's base where it is connected to the floor, there is a crown of thin strands that act like perfect optical fibers. These fibers guide light from one end to the other. The resource for this light is from the bioluminescent bacteria that live on the sponge and shine light through the glass skeleton. The light attracts many other living things through the darkness of the ocean floor including food for shrimp. A pair of shrimp live in the sponge, eat what comes by, then leaves it's waste for the sponge to eat all while being protected by the sponge's illuminated glass skeleton. The deep sea sponge needs the shrimp for food while the shrimp needs the sponge for protection and the bioluminescent bacteria to attract its food. This relationship between all three is remarkable because they all need each other in order to survive. 

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Symbiotic Relationship of Humans and Technology

Most humans today* rely on technology, be it medicinal, a method of communication, transportation, or information that when the thought of having these devices removed many are of the opinion "I can't live without it!" Technology cannot exist without humans to create it. Thought it's doubtful it was deliberate but rather curiosity driven at first, we have created a steadily rising dependance with our technology and it serves us for all it can, for it only exists while we do (at least for now).

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Symbiotic Relationships

          When asked to research a close symbiotic relationship, one specific relationship popped into my head that almost everyone has heard of; yes, even eight year olds. Weather they know it or not, while watching Disney's "Finding Nemo" there are several relationships that aline in the blink of an eye. Perhaps one of the most popular relationships is that of the anemone and the clown fish. These two make an odd pair that though out time, have almost become a "roll model" for other symbiotic relationships to form. Although their relationship is quite easy. The anemone provides safe and secure home for the clownfish by using its poisonous tentacles. In return the clown fish not only fights off prey of the anemone (fish that can harm it such as the the butterfly fish) but the anemone also benefits from the fertilizer that the clown fish produces. The clown fish can also help lure in prey using its bright and vivid colors. Overall, the symbiotic relationship that these two share is one of the most well thought of and rounded to exist today.

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