Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Networks of Global Capitalism Notes

Globalization-overarching term for new social structures, technology, economies, and cultures world-wide

The Case Against the Global Economy

The Rise of the Network Society ….facebook etc

For the first time the world is organized around a common set of economic rules stemming from capitalism

Forum 2000- Leaders discuss problems, politics, globalization, ethics

Common characteristic of globalization-Global information/communications network ….the internet!

New technological advances aid in globalization through communicative means, but also through the ability to transfer money faster and easier.

Core economic activities are now global. Innovation is the main source of competition and productivity. Knowledge generation and information processing is largely structured around networks of financial flows.

Experiencing increasing virtuality of finances and products

Markets are now influenced by computer processed/enacted investment strategies

2 trillion dollars exchange a day in global currency markets

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