Monday, December 12, 2011

Class Notes (from the Beginning)

“Visual Perception is the Door to understanding organic form” pg 21

3 Living Systems: Organisms, Part of Organisms, Community of Organisms. All interrelated and inseparable

Holistic: understands bike as a whole (pedalànot a bike)

Ecology: Bike rideràenergy spent Environment Commute Raw Materials etc

Find/Do something we didn’t know we needed

99% of things are made up. “Feeling” objects is an illusion. Atoms repel each other so you never touch, keeps you and objects from merging or going through each other.

Chaotic Pendulum/Oscillations Theory: repeated and somewhat opposing viewpoints we move between culturally

Matter (substance)/Form (pattern, structure, shape, thing) There is a continual flux of matter through a living organism

Cartesian Mechanism 1500-1600s = Man as a machine

Organic, living, spiritual world replaced by machine

Copernicus, Galileo Galilee, Rene Decartes, Bacon, Newton, William Harvey, Antoine Lavoisier (1700s) Father of Modern Chemistry

Right genetic variance at the right environmental circumstance. Production: Making more species. Genetic mutation. Genetic Drift. Environmental factors. Random Mating (Dumb and Desperate)

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