Thursday, December 15, 2011

Self-Cleaning Fabric!

I'm not sure if people are still looking at this blog, but this is incredible...

This Popular Science Article explains how Chinese researchers added Titanium dioxide to cotton wich actually breaks down stains and sanitizes bacteria when exposed to sunlight!

This would save lots of quarters from the laundry days across the world.

Monday, December 12, 2011

China is making it rain (artificially)

This is interesting. Here is the Popular Science Article.

"Cloud seeding, involving the injection of silver iodide particles into the atmosphere, helped clear some of the pollution from Beijing before the 2008 Olympics. But it does not always go so well. This time, cloud seeding is necessary to make actual rain, authorities said."

“Because clouds are boundless, weather control is boundless."

Anyway, it was a great class and a great semester!

For Abbi

Push the talking trashcan

Bad day, I neeeded to watch PUSH talk to people at Disney Land




Reading Fritof Capra Notes (from the beginning again)

Organisms. Social Systems. Ecosystems Crisis of Perception

Solutions require a radical shift of perceptions, thinking, and values. Now we are at that change. Problems cannot be understood in isolation. Systemic problems interconnected and interdependent. Social institutions teach concepts of outdated worldviews. Political leaders not aware of problems or how “solutions” will affect future generations

Only solutions are sustainable ones.

“A sustainable society is one that satisfies its needs without diminishing he prospects of future generations.” Lester Brown

Thomas Kuhn “paradigm”=a constellation of achievements, concepts, values, techniques etc shared by a scientific community and used by community to define legitimate problems and solutions.

Changes and revolutionary breaks = “Paradigm Shift”

Social Paradigm: Community which forms a vision of reality, which is the basis of the way the community organizes itself.

Ex Females subsumed by Male concept

Holistic Worldview: Seeing earth/the universe as an integrated whole (sees bike + parts)

Shallow Ecology: anthropocentric (human-centered) Views people above all nature, source of all value ascribes “use” as only value to nature

Deep Ecology: Does not separate people or anything from natural environment. Recognizes all intrinsic value in the web of life. Has a spiritual awareness too?

Human Spirit-made up of consciousness in which people feel a sense of belonging, connectedness to the cosmos as a whole.

Ecofeminism = Feminist Ecology. Nature + Females. Female experiential knowledge source for ecological vision of reality

Dominator System Examples: Patriarchy, Imperialism, Captalism, Racism…Antiecological. New shift could happen if only leaders could be changed/converted

Ecological view considers Bike + parts, natural and social environments, where materials come from, how it’s manufactured, how it affects the natural environment and community

Need balance of self assertiveness and integratedness. See Thinking and Values table pg 10

Self-Assertive: Competition, expansion, domination (male) This is why shift is difficult. Men have economic rewards and political power, don’t want to give it up (military and corporate structures)

Deep Ecology is grounded in earth centered values. Acknowledges value of non-human life (ecocentric) Coethical. States that moral values are inherent in all living nature. All nature and self are one. If we have a deep awareness we should be inclined to take care of all living nature.

Gestalt psychologist

Atoms, subatomic particle, discovery in quantum physics led to P.shift

Characteristics of Deep Ecology:

PartsàWhole-Wrong. WholeàParts-Yes. Ability to shift attention between systemic levels (properties of levels emergent). Contextual and Environmental thinking. There are no parts, only patterns of inseparable relationships. Properties of parts only understood in context of a larger whole

Before systemic thinking there was mechanistic thinking. Current science is based on shifting foundation. Bootstrap philosophy-Accepts no fundamental entities. No properties of any part of the web are fundamental. Epistemology: The method of questioning. Objective thinking (tree)=Epistemic thinking (leaves, twigs, branches, trunk, bark, roots)

We cannot understand all systems of the web. We work on approximate knowledge

Tektology: Science of structure. Embraces all other sciences. First attempt at systemic formulation of principles of organization and operation in living and nonliving systems

Universe goes from disorder to order to disorder again in increasing complexity

Ludwig Von Bertalanffy-1940s-Russia: Took 1st crucial step in recognizing that living organisms are open systems that cannot be described by classical thermodynamics. First formulation of comprehensive theoretical framework describing principles of organization of a living system (tektology)

Arnes Naess (early 1970s): Does not separate anything from the natural environment, living and non-living. Human and non-human. Move away from Anthropocentric.

Theme Song

At the beginning of the semester (I think) we were all asked what our theme song would be on a getting to know each other questionnaire. This was the one I picked.

Class Notes (from the Beginning)

“Visual Perception is the Door to understanding organic form” pg 21

3 Living Systems: Organisms, Part of Organisms, Community of Organisms. All interrelated and inseparable

Holistic: understands bike as a whole (pedalànot a bike)

Ecology: Bike rideràenergy spent Environment Commute Raw Materials etc

Find/Do something we didn’t know we needed

99% of things are made up. “Feeling” objects is an illusion. Atoms repel each other so you never touch, keeps you and objects from merging or going through each other.

Chaotic Pendulum/Oscillations Theory: repeated and somewhat opposing viewpoints we move between culturally

Matter (substance)/Form (pattern, structure, shape, thing) There is a continual flux of matter through a living organism

Cartesian Mechanism 1500-1600s = Man as a machine

Organic, living, spiritual world replaced by machine

Copernicus, Galileo Galilee, Rene Decartes, Bacon, Newton, William Harvey, Antoine Lavoisier (1700s) Father of Modern Chemistry

Right genetic variance at the right environmental circumstance. Production: Making more species. Genetic mutation. Genetic Drift. Environmental factors. Random Mating (Dumb and Desperate)


yes this bring back memories! this was our calculus at main street. we were messy hah literally musical improv throughout and lots of metaphors dealing with calculus. all we know is we passed calculus and had a fun time doing it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

nuV-Host™ - Fully Interactive Virtual Mannequin

what! no

Equilibrium..... things are most innovative when it's all off course

the minute ch. 5 put this together for me (in the web of life.... ch 5...) - it's all i can think about.  Of course there is order after disorder..  but disorder causes development in a self organized system. it's the little spurs that come off the cyclical systems that create the fractal form.....


Simple, telling.

Homelessness and Biology

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Networks of Global Capitalism Notes

Globalization-overarching term for new social structures, technology, economies, and cultures world-wide

The Case Against the Global Economy

The Rise of the Network Society ….facebook etc

For the first time the world is organized around a common set of economic rules stemming from capitalism

Forum 2000- Leaders discuss problems, politics, globalization, ethics

Common characteristic of globalization-Global information/communications network ….the internet!

New technological advances aid in globalization through communicative means, but also through the ability to transfer money faster and easier.

Core economic activities are now global. Innovation is the main source of competition and productivity. Knowledge generation and information processing is largely structured around networks of financial flows.

Experiencing increasing virtuality of finances and products

Markets are now influenced by computer processed/enacted investment strategies

2 trillion dollars exchange a day in global currency markets