Monday, November 28, 2011

Changing the Game

Life as a right vs Life as a commodity-Examples?
Accelerating Global warming signs: melting glaciers, decreasing health of coral reefs
How is the snow in the Alps and Kilimanjaro today?
In the current system making money is valued above all else-exalts greed, selfishness
Vandana Shiva "monoculture of the mind" single homogeneous culture without diversity or dissension
We are all members of humanity, when, where, how, and why is this lost? (replaced by greed, power?)
Mainstream religions lacking in appropriate ethical response to globalization.
Patriarchal system being challenged, old society civil institutions, gender relationships, sexuality
Being rejected: patriarchy, dominance and control of nature, material consumption, unlimited economic growth
1995-negotiations on sovereignty of nations taking a backseat to the rights of big business-Who's idea was this? All about making money again--Published on the internet, many people oppose, thank goodness for the internet.
"People-Centered"Politics-Fb feeds
Demand for society that restores the earth, not destroys it.
GM-Genetically Modified Organisms.
Sustainability-Lester Brown-1980-definition gives moral guidance, but no instructions on execution
Eco Design: waste=food
Need to use all of materials (Indians using all parts of buffalo) We are using a small percentage of trees to make paper, rest is considered waste. Same in many other resources. "one man's trash is another man's treasure"-Arborform, lignin-earthfriendly plastic
Internet used for communication of what "trash" is available?
Manufacturers retain ownership of toxic good, consumers lease or rent, return to manufacturer at end of product life time to have reusable parts salvaged. Carpets, TVs
Nuclear power is slowest growing-makes no commercial sense-why is it used?
Currently we tax on things we value, not things that are harmful-Whose idea was this?

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