Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dolichomitus imperatorv / Giant Ichneumon

So I found a lot of amateur videos of either the Dolichomitus imperatorv or the Giant Ichneumon Wasp (both are species of the Ichneumon Wasp) depositing eggs though dead wood into larva of other insects (either other wasps or moths). The following is the most interesting to watch, because the people filming are talking about it the whole time.

Dolichomitus Wasp

This site explains the Reproduction and Oviposition process and states that ionized metal has been found on the tips of the ovipositors.
Here are some very close-up pictures of the Giant Ichneumon Wasp while ovipositing.

I find it interesting how the wasps so nonchalantly continue on with their task even as people are filming them so closely.

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