Monday, September 26, 2011


So I was browsing through tumblr when I found this 

I have never ever seen anything like this. It's definitely a new way of advertising, and a very creative way. I think anytime scientists get to be involved with media is pretty cool, especially film.

Contagion is a movie about a disease that spreads and mutates faster than we can stop it. This movie also has a FANTASTIC cast. I'm going to try to see it over the weekend. I can tell people how it was.

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  1. the advertising is awesome. which is terrible news because the movie is so inadvertantly dull. it's a great realistic depiction of the circumstance, but to the point where it's just not entertaning or thrilling enough. all of the parts that could have been interesting or informational were just silent montages. i would definitely recommend people see it, but mostly because it's a long commercial for the CDC and minnesota health department, apparently.