Monday, September 12, 2011


Sure most of us have seen finding Nemo and when we think or see the Anglerfish we quickly think to ourselves the fish with the little light on a weird fishing rod like apendage or this - 

I after some weeks of researching I have concluded that the Anglerfish has easily the most extraordinary and evolutionary adaptations among any and all living creatures on sea or land.

Here's why:

  • The anglerfish has an apendage (anterior dorsal fin) that it can wiggle, maneuver  and sometimes light up to lure close and catch prey that the angler can swallow whole. 

  • The Anglerfish belongs to an order know as Lophiiformes. Some of the Anglerfish's cousins from this order include: the Frogfish, Monkfish and Triplewart Seadevil, all of which are considered delicacies in Korea and Japan and imported to the U.S. daily. 

  • The male anglerfish is usually 1/20 the size of the female and its sole purpose from birth is to find and attach to mate. After biting the female the male beings to slowly lose all of its organs except testes and fuse with the female angler. (as shown in the examples above of the Triplewart Seadevil, and below of the Anglerfish).

  • Anglerfish and many other Lophiiformes also the capabilities to camouflage with there surrounding

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