Monday, September 26, 2011


So I was browsing through tumblr when I found this 

I have never ever seen anything like this. It's definitely a new way of advertising, and a very creative way. I think anytime scientists get to be involved with media is pretty cool, especially film.

Contagion is a movie about a disease that spreads and mutates faster than we can stop it. This movie also has a FANTASTIC cast. I'm going to try to see it over the weekend. I can tell people how it was.

Crocodile in costume

This Crocodile attacked his water filter in his habitat and it seems the algae or iron that was being filtered got him ready for halloween.

Full article:
Orange Crocodile Article on Discovery

Symbiotic Relationships

"the living together of unlike organisms." - Henrich Anton de Bary (*wikipedia:  )

The survival of one organism is dependent on that of another organism (internally or externally)

Como Zoo Observations

I spent my 45 minutes observing the big cats. What stuck with me the most was their hilarious similarity to our domesticated feline friends. I assume it's because they are in the zoo and that if we saw these cats in the wild it'd be a different story. One tiger was roaring at something at the beginning of my observation. It sounded kind of sad to me, but I never figured out what was causing it to do that. It was fascinating to me to notice the similarities in the behavior of all felines--big and small. They all have the same "cattitude" and mannerisms.

Abbi Goes to the Zoo, and sees great things